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Our Officers


  • President   Crystal A. Benton

  • Vice President  Ida J. Gibson

  • Secretary  Sharon M. Bradley

  • Assistant Secretary  Lisa Daniels-Baines

  • Financial Secretary Mary Hall

  • Assistant Financial Secretary  Donna Mostiller

  • Treasurer Edith M. Terrell

  • Corresponding Secretary  Ottilie M. Woodruff

  • Graduate Advisor  Schurron Cowart

  • Parliamentarian Carmen L. Snell

  • Ivy Leaf Reporter Stacy L. Beauford

  • Historian Sharon R. Amos

  • Membership Chairman Edith M. Terrell

  • Assistant Membership Chairman  Cydney Sanders

  • Hospitality Chairman Lisa Adams-Cornelius

  • Chaplain Nellie B. King

  • Members at Large Arielle J. Peterson & Denise V. Cobbs

  • Sargent at Arms Jocelyn Guthrie

  • Protocol Chairman Michea Pope

  • Standards Chairman  Sharon M. Bradley

  • Technology Chairman Ottilie M. Woodruff

  • NPHC Reps Valerie T. Williams & Marvel Ross-Jones

  • EAF Captain Nancy Thompson

  • Risk Management Twyla S. Hardy

  • Nomination Committee Chairman Josephine Cross

  • Rituals Chairman Gerri Horton & Denise V. Cobbs

  • Business Manager Tracy Garner-Robinson

  • Strengthen our Sisterhood Kenisha Smith

  • Empower Our Families Tanya Staples & Arielle Peterson

  • Build Our Economic Wealth Janet E. Barnes

  • Enhance Our Environment  Alise Adams

  • Advocate for Social Justice Pamela Stephens-Jackson

  • Uplift Our Local Community Valerie T. Williams

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