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soaring to greater heights of sisterhood & service

Chapters will promote and market historically black colleges and universities and encourage students to attend HBCU's.  #CAP will assist students college admissions and provide guidance and support.

"There are ties that bind, and ties that choke." We strive to help build positive, communicative families that can transcend personal and interpersonal challenges with grace.  

Sorority members and selected communities will improve their knowledge of key aspects of targeted healthy behaviors and thus, improve health status and well being. 

As we have become more aware of our environmental footprint, we have also become more aware of our responsibility to Mother Earth.  We aim to enact positive environmental change in both local and global communities.


We are blessed to live in a land of opportunity. However, "for of those to whom much is given, much is required" as John F. Kennedy said. We hope to improve the life conditions of others who are less fortunate but no less worthy of abundance and joy.